Society of Ancient Magic – Fiona Starr, Author


~ A reverse harem paranormal romance series ~

Three wolf shifters tormented by a deadly secret.

Two worlds torn by a twisted legacy.  

One girl determined to choose her own fate.


They say being called to the world's oldest magic organization is the pinnacle of achievement for a witch. The lottery is done in secret. The names appear by magic. Membership in this exclusive club is like receiving a golden ticket. When you're called—you go, because that's how it has always been.

With only a trace of magical ability, I've accepted a different role… a life of service to the witching community. So when the leader of the Society of Ancient Magic arrives at my door to escort me to initiation, I’m convinced there’s been a mistake. My name doesn’t belong on their list. And yet… 

The first guy I meet makes me feel like a princess. The second one I meet sparks an inferno in my heart. The third feels like the reason I was born. They are the sexiest males I have ever met. Dazzled by the glamour and the fabled history, I let myself fall into a world whose mystery and intrigue are as seductive as they are secretive. But not everything is as it seems within the Society of Ancient Magic.

Just because it glitters, doesn't mean it's gold.

What readers are saying...

One Magical Landslide!

"The characters, interactions and charged atmosphere along with relatable qualities and individual traits add depth and diversity, transforming into charismatic personalities. The scenes are strikingly sharp with abundant details and vivid descriptions creating an elaborate backdrop that makes the storyline explode." - Amazon reviewer

Mystery & Intrigue

"This entertaining story is filled with magic, mystery, suspense, drama, intrigue, passion and so much more. I like that we got multiple pov's making this story that much better. After that ending, I can't wait to read the next book in this series."
- Amazon Reviewer

What a Rush!

"This book was awesome!!!! Joely goes from being a non magic person to wham! A magical person. Now she is swept up into a different college being introduced to an ancient society. But not all is what it seems. She meets Van, Marcos and Angus along the way. Now she realizes what needs to happen. I can not wait for the next book!"
- Amazon Reviewer

Excerpt from DARK ARTS:

When we step out of the shop, I am in such a daze, I walk right into a wall of man chest. The hint of woody aftershave and a touch of citrus fills my senses. My hands grab his waist reflexively, and he wraps his arm around me to keep me from falling backward. My momentum makes me lean back and it’s as if we’re dancing and he’s lowering me into a dip. 

He’s about a foot taller than me, built lean and strong like a baseball player, with blue eyes and long-ish dark hair that’s been brushed back off his face. He’s absolutely gorgeous but guarded. He doesn’t smile as he plants me back on my feet.

“Sorry, I should have been more careful,” he says, his voice low and soft. 

“No, it’s my fault. I came rushing out without looking.” My heart races as he slides his hands off my hips.

“Hi, Van,” Roz says. “Why the long face?” She grins wickedly and arches an eyebrow at me.

He scowls at her. “Roz.”

“This is Joely. She’s new this year.”

Van looks back at me and when our eyes meet, it’s like he’s looking through me and into my soul. “Joely. Nice to meet you.”

I nod. I can still feel the heat where his fingers brushed my sides. It makes me want to reach out for him again, though I would never do it, especially with how his body language tells me that it would be a mistake.